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Palestrante: Yuichi Masubuchi (Kyoto Univ, JAPAN)

1) Basics of Rheology (04/12/2013 - adiada para 09/12/2013)

2) Basics of Viscoelasticity (09/12/2013)


DATA: 09/12/2013 (2a feira)

HORÁRIO: 15:00h

LOCAL: Centro de Tecnologia, Bloco G, sala 219 – Cidade Universitária - Ilha do Fundão



1) Basics of Rheology

ABSTRACT: In this lecture, basic concept of rheology will be conveyed with easy math and some demonstrations. Rheology is a field of science to discuss flow and deformation of matter. In between the ideal behaviors of solid (Hookean solid) and liquid (Newtonian liquid), there is large variety of non-ideal behaviors that are quite useful in our daily life. For instance, tooth-paste seems liquid because it flows from the tube whereas it seems solid because it stays on your tooth brush. Rheology provides us to characterize such a non-ideal behavior. Rheology is useful in wide-range of industry including cosmetics, foods, polymer processing, etc.

2) Basics of Viscoelasticity

ABSTRACT: In this lecture, basics of viscoelastic analysis will be conveyed to provide how to decode viscoelastic data in literature. Viscoelasticity is one of the rheological behaviors of matter, and viscoelastic property is important for some materials such as polymers. However, it is worth noting that not only for such viscoelastic materials but also for other materials (even if the material does not show apparent viscoelasticity) viscoelastic analysis is useful to get insight of microscopic dynamics in the materials. Indeed viscoelastic measurement can be used as a spectroscopy similar to IR and NMR. Specifically, viscoelastic measurement is superior to the other method to analyze slow dynamics of materials such as diffusion of polymers, deformation of emulsions, reorganization of physical gels, etc. For the audience basic knowledge on rheology is required.

Biographical Information:

Yuichi Masubuchi got his PhD from Nagoya Univ. in 1996 under direction of Prof. Masao Doi on DNA dynamics. After his PhD he worked in several Japanese universities, and currently he is associate professor in Institute of Chemical Research, Kyoto University from 2007. His research interest is on polymer dynamics and rheology.


See further detail including publication list at http://masubuchi.jp


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